Rahma Worldwide contributes to supporting the health sector through cash and in-kind assistance to official and non-official bodies working in the sector, and it works to activate it according to the following:

  • Restoration and rehabilitation of hospitals and medical facilities
  • Providing medical centers with the necessary medical equipment and supplies

Health awareness campaigns in emergency situations

Full preparedness for emergencies such as Covid-19 virus (distribution campaigns of protective equipment such as masks, sterilizers, and awareness campaigns)

Sterilization campaigns (health centers – schools).

  •  Securing the requirements of people with special needs (wheelchair – diapers).
  • Contracting with hospitals for prosthetic limb operations.


Support medical centers with supplies, equipment and medicines


Rehabilitation of hospitals and medical centers

Launching emergency

Launching emergency campaigns as a response to epidemics and crises

Send medical convoy

Send medical convoy containers that contain the most needed medical items