Food Security and Livelihoods

It is a program that aims to develop natural and human resources and improve their investment methods with the aim of improving living standards and achieving self-sufficiency, in addition to securing a quick response to those affected in crisis and natural disaster areas, and accordingly the program is based on two main tracks.

Rapid Response:

Through it, Rahma Worldwide quickly identifies the primary needs of displaced and needy families and works to meet them according to the following priorities:

Distribute ready-to-eat food rations

Supporting bakeries to distribute bread rations

Monthly food baskets

Food support vouchers

Development projects:

Through it, Rahma Worldwide works on the following points:

– Supporting agricultural sector projects and improving the capabilities of its workers.

– Vocational training and distribution of handicraft materials and equipment


Prepare cooked meals for people who don’t have access to cocking wares.


distriribute bread for beneficiaries or support bakeries to prepare bread and then distributre it

Food Vouchers

distribute vouchers with certain amount that could be replaced with food items selected by beneficiaries from certain shops.

Food baskets

Distribute food items during crisis times for newly displaced people and IDPs to ensure the food security for a certain period of time

Ready to Eat (RTE)

Distribute items that don’t need cooking like canned food.