Shelter & Non-Food Items (NFI)

Shelter sector is of particular importance to protect safety and dignity and preserve family and community life in light of the deterioration of living conditions and the spread of epidemics

Securing the basic necessities for shelter is a priority according to the requirements of the environment and climate (such as securing shelter, clothing, warmth), while ensuring that they are delivered by appropriate means and distributed according to need.

“Rahma” is assessing the needs as an essential step to provide shelter and non-food items in an effective, safe and dignified manner according to the following:

  • Distribution of non-food baskets (hygiene items – kitchen tools)
  • Urgent insurance of shelter (shelters – tents)
  • Clothes – shoes
  • Bedding – Blankets – Blankets

Responding to the consequences of deteriorating living conditions on the population with urgent response campaigns, including the following:

  •  Clothing distribution exhibitions
  •  Winter vouchers
  •  Home Supplies
  • Raw materials for heating (fuel – firewood)
  •  Temporary shelter centers


distribute hygiene amnd self cleaning items and neede items for peronal care

Personal Protective Equipments (PPEs)

like gloves, masks, protective suits and items that help to keep health measures applied

Winter Kits

these items are helpful for beneficiaries during winter like fuel, heaters, blankets, winter clothes for kids, etc.

Emergency response

these kinds of responses are due to the certain actions,disasters or sudden crisis that may occur and the response comes to alleviate the sufferings of the beneficiaries in these areas