Formal & Informal Education

Rahma Worldwide, through the Education and Informal Education Program, is implementing a number of educational projects with the aim of raising the quality of education, increasing safe access to education for children, and supporting teachers and administrative staff alike.

The services provided in the education program at Rahma Worldwide include the following:

  • Securing prefabricated classes.
  • Programming and coding exercises for children with disabilities.
  • Social integration programs through cultural and artistic activities.
  • Securing the winter needs of schools of heaters and fuel.
  • Providing teachers and students with educational bags.
  • Establishing small training centers to support youth education.
  • Restoration and rehabilitation of schools and educational facilities
  • Providing schools with security and safety needs such as fire extinguishers and first aid kits.
  • Implementing activities related to child protection, such as awareness campaigns, returning to schools and recreational activities.
  • Intensive educational programs to support school dropouts.
  • Training for teachers and administrative staff.
  • Supporting schools in emergencies such as the (COVID 19) epidemic (awareness campaigns – distribution of protective supplies).


distribute bags, stationery and needed items for schools

School rehabilitation

rehabilitate affected schools and education centers and put it in service again

Vocational training centers

provide training for different types of beneficiaries to help them having basic knowledge to start their carrier

Formal- informal education

support schools and temporary educational centers during crisis to keep children in touch with school