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I extend my sincere thanks and gratitude to everyone who contributed to the achievement of what Rahma Worldwide” Foundation has reached in its activities aimed at alleviating the suffering of the afflicted and the needy in the third world countries, and I also thank the foundation staff working in the offices of Turkey and Syria, including donors, contributors, administrators and volunteers, for their tireless work in Relief for women, children, the elderly, people with special needs, and everyone who is besieged by living conditions of different causes, without looking or standing at a nationality, sect or race.

viewing the expansion of the scope of the work of “Rahma Worldwide” over the past years in Turkey and Syria, I seek, with those in charge of the Foundation, day after day, to expand the segment of beneficiaries of its bid in various fields, starting with securing life priorities and not ending with supporting the health and education sectors, in addition to Emergency responses to natural and human disasters, relief for those affected in those areas, and the creation of productive elements in torn societies.
With you, we will continue a path where compassion, love of work, and belonging to man only intersect, not restricted by administrative boundaries, races or sects, and will and work move our steps towards our goal of building and elevating the human being.

Gaziantep / Türkiye
jarablus / Syria
izaz / Syria
afrin / Syria
Hatay / Türkiye
Idlib / Syria
Tall Abyad / Syria

About Us 

RAHMET YARDIMLAŞMA DERNEĞİ is a non-profit, non-governmental, humanitarian organization operating in Turkey, Syria. Rahma Worldwide was Founded on the principles of solidarity and equality. It implements relief projects and long-term development projects aimed at improving the lives of local communities, refugees, and vulnerable groups. It also seeks to provide sustainable livelihoods. Social rights and social inclusion through various types of support across the world.

Leadership and creativity in enabling societies during crises to manage themselves efficiently and effectively and achieve self-sufficiency.

Contribute to enhancing the ability of affected communities to recover and stability through specific programs, and support them with programs that achieve development and social justice.

– Providing services to those affected by crises and disasters in a way that preserves their lives and dignity.
– Contribute to enhancing the stability of local communities.
– Presenting a standard institutional model in humanitarian work.

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