The level of mental health support for orphans is improving

In partnership with #Rahmet_Yardimlaşma_Association and Orphan Care Association, an extraordinary training on “Psychological Support Strategies for Orphan Care Workers” for five days was organized for orphan care and their families.

Deep gratitude to our amazing mentors who have guided us through this profound experience:

Dr. Makarem Alfathe, Director of Psychology Department of Rahmat Relief Association and Dr. Shaza Al-Fayez, mental health specialist trainer from Kuwait Public Education Institution and Dr. Wafaa Al-Adwani, psychological and social counseling expert from Kuwait National Committee.

During these five days, many concepts and standards were introduced for working with orphans, from the unique challenges in orphanages to mental health care and resilience in the face of emergencies such as earthquakes. Practical strategies on how to cope with fear and psychological trauma and manage stress.

This education is not just a milestone; it is a testament to our commitment to orphans and their families. Follow us as we continue this amazing journey with our mentors and partners to make a real impact!